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The “Montado”, Cork Oak Forests, have ideal conditions for leisure activities such as hunting and tourism.


Combining this with the family’s concern with wildlife preservation and hunting the Estates have been integrated in Touristic Hunting Reserves (ZCT).


As small game species you can find in the estates wild pigeons, wild rabbits, hares, wild ducks, red legged partriges and quails.


As big game species, roedeer and wild boar.


Roedeer reintroduction in the region was an experience with very rewarding results. In 2008, first year that roedeer was hunted, one male hunted in Monte Novo Estate was National Trophy Record.




Hunting is managed in a sustainable way, in order to balance game numbers with available area.


At Monte Novo premises there is a Trophy room that supports the hunting activities and where, in a family environment, visitors are received and home made meals are served.


 In addition to its economical and social functions, the “Montado”, has important ecological functions, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats besides mitigating the desertification process.


The commitment in preserving this natural resource has led to experiences regarding soil conservation, reforesting projects and low animal grazing pressure in order not to compromise natural renewal of the forest.